Why CEO branding can get your business off the ground?


‘Like movie stars, which are a signal of the expected quality of a movie about to be released, CEOs serve as a signal of the performance expected of the company, for stakeholders’ Marc Fetscherin   The value of a company is closely tied to the value of those who lead it. Communication is a very […]

Storytelling and Content Marketing: where to start?


There is a lot of talk about brand storytelling, but are you sure you know how it works and what it consists of? Storytelling is the first and foremost a discipline that involves the use of the principles of rhetoric and narratology: the act of storytelling, applied to corporate values, gives rise to storytelling management. […]

Tips how to get more followers on your business LinkedIn page

LinkedIn Tips - bblog

Nowadays, having a LinkedIn profile is a crucial point for your marketing strategy. LinkedIn is the leading brand awareness platform for b2b products. It is the world’s largest professional community, with more than 750 million professional users who come to the platform to share ideas, conduct research, network, learn and grow their careers. This mindset and […]

Outlook 2022: How will Marketing and Communication change?

“Creativity is intelligence having fun“. A. Einstein   The end of third-party cookies marks a moment of profound transformation in the entire marketing and communications ecosystem. Established in 1994 as a way for websites to store, recognise and retrieve information about users, cookies will be phased out by Google. This is a crucial change that […]

Agile methodology for the world of communication

The world of communication is changing its skin and is increasingly opening up to agile methodologies for an even more efficient and leaner organization. In order to innovate today, it is necessary to reorient and reprogram activities, adapting in an evolutionary and systematic way to changing circumstances. We saw this well with the last pandemic […]

Podcasts, the new voice of business

The podcast market in Italy boasts over 7 million monthly listeners, with a growth trend of 217% in the last 4 years. Over 64% of podcast users positively remember having listened to an advertising message and over 50% take an action towards the brand. It is therefore a new media that offers infinite communication potential […]