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Tips how to get more followers on your business LinkedIn page

Nowadays, having a LinkedIn profile is a crucial point for your marketing strategy. LinkedIn is the leading brand awareness platform for b2b products. It is the world’s largest professional community, with more than 750 million professional users who come to the platform to share ideas, conduct research, network, learn and grow their careers. This mindset and intent make LinkedIn a uniquely powerful channel for B2B marketers. It is a place to reach decision-makers, influencers, and practitioners with your branding content. 

Below you will find helpful tips on how to increase followers on your profile and generate leads later on. 

Before you start applying the advice, please think about who will read your posts and what value they will obtain. To kick start developing your Linkedin Marketing strategy, think about your goals: do you want to generate leads or increase your brand awareness?

When you know the target audience and the message you want to broadcast, you should start following the recommendations below that will help you boost your profile.

1. Everything starts with content. When you write an article or a post, put yourself in your ideal client’s shoes: what they want to read, what kind of content they like, what problems you can help solve. LinkedIn is a trustworthy platform according to Google’s algorithms. In other words, it will help you to get a higher chance to show up on the first Google search page with your article or a post. 

Make content that people want to engage in. Two more popular things are:

  • Make Poll posts where people can vote.  Polls work perfectly to get to know your audience better by asking questions that you can use for understanding your target audience better.
  • Ask people to leave a comment where they can share their thoughts.


Video is the most popular type of content. Create videos where you talk about your products and your company. Moreover, very important to show video testimonials from your customers. It is necessary to add subtitles to every video because subscribers cannot always watch videos with sound, so subtitles are a great way to help them understand the idea of the video. Videos help increase engagement with your publications, therefore the more people engage with your publications, the more potential clients you can reach. 

2. Don’t be shy, be social! Linkedin is all about connections, so invite people from your profile to the company’s page. Use the LinkedIn search panel to find your audience, that’s because it is an easy and powerful tool. Are looking for Marketing Directors in small and medium businesses? Type the position “Marketing Director” in the search bar, then use the filter to make your search more specific, for example, industry, languages, and so on. Send them an invitation and tell them how you can be useful to them.

3. Another option for increasing the number of followers is being more social in thematic groups. Find groups where your target audience gets updates, do not hesitate to leave comments or make posts. Show off your experience and sell your services through your expertise. For instance, you can join a group where marketers share their experiences and leave comments where your tool/service can help them to solve their problems.

4. Notify everyone about new posts on your page, and especially your staff, to increase interaction with the posts. If your employee likes your post, people in their network will also see this information. 

All of the above tips will increase your brand awareness and the number of subscribers on your page, which you can convert further into sales with a well-developed content strategy.