Unlock Creativity: 10 principles to unleash creativity in the digital age

From the creation of a name to the drafting of an article and a press release, creativity is the starting point. For those of us who work in the communications sector and are called upon to create content based on impactful ideas, creativity is the real starting point. How do you trigger the virtuous process that leads to unique projects? Hands up who has never been stuck in front of a blank page, torn between the desire to produce and an apparent creative paralysis.

On the occasion of the reopening of the regional borders in Italy and the beginning of the fateful ‘phase 3’, if we can call it that, we decided to spread the 10 rules that we always wanted to know, but nobody ever told us, to broaden our horizons and stoke the fire of creativity. To do so, we took inspiration from ‘Steal like an artist’, the masterpiece by American communication guru Austin Kleon.

  1. STEAL LIKE AN ARTIST. Nothing is original. That’s what Steve Jobes said, and Picasso himself pointed out that artists are thieves. Every new idea is just a mashup or remix of previous ideas.
  2. START “MAKING” WITHOUT WAITING TO FIGURE OUT WHO YOU ARE. In the creative process you don’t always know what you are doing, you follow your instincts and learn something about yourself only at the end.
  3. WRITE THE BOOK YOU WOULD LIKE TO READ. Draw what you would like to see, make the music you would like to hear, write the books you would like to read….
  1. USE YOUR HANDS. Get away from the monitor, don’t forget to use your hands, create an area where you can work out ideas concretely. You can better define everything in front of your eyes.
  2. PARALLEL PROJECTS AND HOBBIES ARE IMPORTANT. A person has many nuances, let’s give due importance to all passions. Parallel projects, things born for fun, are always the best ideas.
  3. DOING GOOD WORK AND PUTTING IT WHERE PEOPLE CAN SEE IT. Doing good work, above all, devoting time, making mistakes, corrections and more time.
  4. GEOGRAPHY WILL NO LONGER BE A LIMITATION. Leave home, travel with your mind and when you come back you will not be the same.
  1. BE CAREFUL. THE WORLD IS A SMALL COUNTRY. On the web this is an even more important lesson to learn, whatever is said about you will come out.
  2. BE NOISY. IS THE ONLY WAY TO GET A JOB DONE. Being methodical and well-organised, planning your work and setting goals, is a good way to go.
  3. CREATIVITY IS SUBTRACTION. What makes you interesting is not only what you have experienced, but also what you have not experienced. What you choose to eliminate also defines you, defines your idea.