The value of Made in Italy

In order to support the brand Italy in our country, BBRAND proposes to follow the 360° communication on behalf of international companies coming to Italy. How? By offering its services, on the strength of its experience and professionalism rooted in the field of Communication and Marketing.

Thanks to its activities, BBRAND wants to contribute to the affirmation of the Italian brand, to bring our excellence abroad, accelerating the positive spiral of sustainable growth. How? By strongly believing in the energy of collaborative networks and in the synergy between talent, communication, culture and technology. Objective: a new Renaissance 4.0. Key words: dynamism and competitiveness.

We believe that our country must and can sustain its international positioning with a long-term policy aimed at enhancing its resources and heritage. Beyond market and contextual factors, Italian excellence can and must be expressed at the highest levels through the solidity of its skills, the dynamism of its innovative ferment and the quality of its manufacturing system.

In the face of the traditional indexes and rankings on competitiveness, which penalise our country, marginalising it in the small group of countries that are lagging the furthest behind, it is precisely the manufacturing industry, together with the two vital sectors of food and tourism, that can guide the relaunch of our economic system, holding high the flag of Italian excellence. The combination of economy and culture, interwoven with the ties with the territory, the cities of art and our traditions, is confirmed as our trump card.

After all, Made in Italy has a high intrinsic value, despite some weaknesses of the Italian system that are known to all. However, despite the critical elements and despite the ballast, we are still interesting thanks to our Made in Italy, which can and does attract investment from abroad.

Why? Because Made in Italy sums up the concept of products made with our own manufacturing and aesthetic skills. It is, to all intents and purposes, a brand that concerns made, designed and thought in Italy. It synthesises decades of history, culture and taste and contains all the distinctive traits of a work of art, which pervade, almost by osmosis, every aspect of our style: flair, imagination, uniqueness, originality and the ability to arouse emotions.


BBRAND is convinced that Italy, regardless of other evaluations, statistics and rankings, has all the potential to attract foreign capital: Made in Italy is what best sums up the face of Italy in the world.

But, how can we work together to bring this reality to the world? This is the challenge that BBRAND has set itself: to bring our brand Italy into the world more and more, certain that we can further increase our contribution to making the role of Made in Italy more and more successful on an international level and bring our vision to fruition, even though we are aware that relaunching the brand internationally is by no means easy. We want to be the interpreters of Made in Italy in the world, using the great tradition that, combined with taste and passion, distinguishes us.

However, in order to adequately face the challenges of the future and continue to effectively support Made in Italy in a highly competitive scenario, we believe it is necessary to focus on innovation and an increasingly rooted presence on the international market, through partnerships in which we can play a leading role. Not only that. To do this, we are convinced that one of the winning keys to our success lies in the heritage of our people, who can contribute to the implementation of the strategy, thanks to their enthusiasm, skills and collective ability to promote change and rebirth.