Press Office, Digital PR & Media Relations

What does PR & Influence mean?

The flow of communication has taken on very different forms than in the past. We are faced with a progressive digitalisation that is expressed in multiple directions and with a multi-channel perspective. Today, PR involves a wider range of players:

  • Authors of online blogs
  • Managers of industry forums
  • Administrators of social communities organised in Pages or Groups
  • Influencers

We therefore talk about Media Relations, PR, Digital PR & Influence. Starting from the business objectives of companies, we are able to move in an integrated way between Media Relations, PR, digital PR without ever forgetting that the beating heart of our work is the creation of relationships, connections with the aim of strengthening the reputation of a brand.

Our offer

The mission of our PR & Influence services is to make brands relevant in today’s increasingly complex and fragmented digital marketplace. Our modus operandi can be summarised in seven main phases:

  • Defining branding goals
  • Analysis and identification of the target audience
  • Selection of target channels
  • Drawing up the communication plan with a timetable of the content to be produced, choosing the most effective form for each channel: e.g. interview, multimedia content, editorial article, press release, video, case study
  • Identification of objective parameters (KPIs) to determine the success of the PR activity
  • Implementation of the PR & Media Relations Plan
  • Measuring results

Media Relations is our flagship activity, thanks also to the wide portfolio of media contacts we have built up over the years in a variety of different sectors, from technology to pharma via manufacturing and finance. Our field of action is predominantly Business to Business. In order to gain the trust of journalists, it is not enough to send out a potentially attractive press release. It is essential to ‘cultivate’ your own archive of contacts and to be sure of choosing the right interlocutor each time.

An integral part of our services is Crisis Management: we are able to support companies in dealing with different crisis scenarios that may involve the brand and its stakeholders. In short, our services go beyond classic press office activities. In fact, we start with the business to arrive at a brand expression that is able to dialogue with both end users and media, effectively balancing earned & paid media.

Which companies rely on our PR & Influence services?

International companies that are expanding in Italy and need to position themselves in our country find in us a point of reference, a partner able to accompany them throughout the entire branding process by defining an appropriate storytelling. We are also the partner of choice for Italian companies wishing to internationalise in Europe, focusing on Spain, France, Germany and the UK. 

Thanks to the privileged relationships developed with the chambers of commerce of these countries and local institutions, we are able to create valuable international campaigns, with the ability to react in real-time to events and news.