Marketing & Communication Advisory

What does Marketing Communication Strategy mean?

Today’s innovating companies need tools anchored in the present to create the future. To innovate, you need to carefully define your business strategy and brand positioning. These are the two pillars underpinning the creation of all future products and services that are designed to meet the evolving needs of the target markets. In essence, a Marketing Communication strategy is an integrated amalgam of elements: the right message, in line with the customer we are addressing through the most appropriate medium and, ça va sans dire, at the right time, in order to gain an important market share. It can be summarised in 6 main steps:
  1. Target audience study
  2. Defining the Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
  3. It is what distinguishes the company’s business, the reason why a particular service/product is purchased. All marketing and communication messages should reflect the company’s USP.
  4. Setting the marketing communications mix
  5. This consists of choosing different communication and marketing channels to reach the target audience. Some examples of channels: sponsorship, online advertising through Facebook or AdWords, Offline Adv, Direct marketing, Content marketing, Events.
  6. Branding construction
  7. Setting metrics for measuring results
  8. Implementation of the Marketing Communication plan

What does our Marketing & Communication Strategy service consist of?

We help our clients to define the coordinates of the direction of their business through an approach based on Agile logic and active listening. The service consists of a series of bricks that can be combined with each other in a customised way:
  • Definition of clear and measurable objectives;
  • Market study – Competitors benchmarking;
  • Data collection and analysis;
  • Design and integrated strategy;
  • Conception of the marketing communication plan;
  • Execution of the Marketing & Communication plan through:
  • Communication channels production (web, social media, pr…); Survey development; Buyer personas study; Social & content creation.
  • Measurement of results through visual reports.
What is bbrand’s added value? Creativity: we start with data and market research to produce ideas that are at the heart of the value strategies we tailor for our clients. Marketing and Brand Strategy are the spearheads of the consultancy service we offer in the field of business positioning.

Which companies need a strategic corporate communication consultancy?

Potentially all companies that are about to enter a new market and need to build their positioning to make themselves known and launch new products/services. In particular, we address two macro types:
  • International companies that are expanding in Italy and need a point of reference to help them find their market niche;
  • Italian companies wishing to internationalise in Europe with a focus on Spain, France and the UK.
A strategic Marketing Communication plan is essential to help business decision makers make the right choices with the desired impacts on sales, margins and customers. Strategic guidance is essential for companies to achieve their business objectives in terms of:
  • Brand trust building. Building trust in the brand among the target audience is the basis of a company’s success story. For this reason, it is essential to maintain consistency between the various communication channels used. In this phase, PR & Influence play a central role in winning over the target audience.
  • Reaching the right audience. It is not possible to get the right audience to listen to you without first knowing them in depth. For us, studying the mechanisms and the most particular behaviours, through qualitative and quantitative market research and careful and constant observation in dedicated environments, is what allows us to make the difference. We know exactly who we are talking to and how they will move.
  • Positive ROI. Ultimately, the motivation that leads a company to ask for support in defining its Marketing & Communication strategy is to generate a positive return on investment. Virtuous interaction with the market is not enough, the whole process of positioning has revenues as its ultimate goal.