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Communicating sustainability

Time for Sustainable Development Goals

The worsening of global environmental problems, from the very high presence of plastic in the oceans to global warming, not to mention waste disposal, is leading supranational bodies, companies and individual citizens to review their habits.


The UN has defined 17 Sustainable Development Goals to be achieved by 2030, among which No. 12 is specifically addressed to companies, because it concerns responsible production and consumption.

With the publication of the directive on Single Use Plastic (SUP), the European Union has also taken official action against the manufacture and consumption of single-use plastics.

The media attention that is being paid to these issues is increasingly influencing consumers to look for brands and products that respect the principles of sustainability.


Communicating sustainability requires a clear strategic choice. Indeed, green has become the new factor determining corporate strategies and, consequently, communication and marketing guidelines.

The “Global survey of corporate social responsibility and sustainability“, the research conducted at global level by interviewing 30,000 internet users in 60 countries, including Italy, revealed very interesting data on consumer behaviour in relation to social responsibility issues.

In particular, the data on companies’ green communication are worthy of particular attention. If an advertising message contains references to a brand’s sustainable commitment, the percentage of purchases of that product rises by between 17% and 21%. In addition, 66% of consumers said they would be willing to pay more for a ‘responsible’ brand.

Faced with numbers like these, the key role of communication to all stakeholders, not least employees, is clear. A company has a duty to inform them of its green policies, moving in two main directions:

  • helping to reduce the environmental impact of the company’s activities
  • convey the company’s values and virtuous principles to the outside world.


bbrand has developed a suite of communication services aimed at developing the potential of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) within companies from an Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) perspective.

The offer focuses on three key points:

  • Corporate branding: focus on external communication of the policies adopted by companies
  • Corporate brand ambassador: focus on communicating adherence to CSR policies to the entire workforce and on involving and raising awareness among company resources
  • Crisis management: focus on the correlation between adherence to CSR policies and a company’s reaction in times of crisis

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